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IMMIGRATION-FORCE-FEEDING _ A U.S. government watchdog agency launches an investigation in the wake of an Associated Press report revealing complaints about how immigration authorities treated hunger strikers at a detention center in Texas. By Garance Burke. SENT: 450 words, photo.




SRI-LANKA-CHURCH-BLASTS _ The death toll from the Easter suicide bombings in Sri Lanka rose to 359, as the country's leaders vowed to overhaul the security apparatus amid a series of intelligence lapses before the attacks. U.S. Ambassador Alaina Teplitz, meanwhile, told reporters that "clearly there was some failure in the system." By Krishan Francis. SENT: 690 words, photos, video. With SRI LANKA-BLASTS-VICTIMS _ Christians, hotel workers, tourists among the dead in Sri Lanka attacks at churches, hotels on Easter Sunday. SENT: 1,120 words, photos; SRI-LANKA-CHURCH-BLASTS-THE LATEST.

SCENES FROM AN INVESTIGATION-COMEY FIRING _ President Donald Trump was seething. FBI Director James Comey had privately reassured him that he was not personally under investigation. But on May 3, 2017, when Comey was summoned to Capitol Hill to explain his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, he denied Trump the public vindication he’d sought. By Eric Tucker. SENT: 990 words, photo.

PUTIN-KIM SUMMIT _ North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia by train, a day before his much-anticipated summit with President Vladimir Putin that comes amid deadlocked diplomacy on his nuclear program. Photos showed Kim, dressed in a black coat and a fedora, meeting with Russian officials at a train station in Russia. Kim and Putin were meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday. By Hyung-Jin Kim and Kim Tong-Hyung. SENT: 730 words, photos. With PUTIN-KIM SUMMIT-TIMELINE OF KIM'S DIPLOMACY _ A look at key moments in Kim Jong Un's diplomatic charm offensive as he prepares to meet with Putin. SENT: 770 words, photo.

ELECTION 2020-DEMOCRATS-RACE _ Many white Democratic presidential candidates are speaking more candidly about systemic racism and white privilege. It's becoming what one strategist calls a "woke litmus test" for any white person who wants to win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. White candidates are talking about those issues to connect with voters of color and prove that America's racial divisions aren't lost on them. By Errin Haines Whack. SENT: 1,015 words, photo.

BOY SCOUTS-SEX ABUSE _ Lawyers across the U.S. are recruiting clients for a potentially crippling new wave of sexual abuse lawsuits against the Boy Scouts. Past payouts have already seriously strained the organization's finances, and it hasn't ruled out filing for bankruptcy. But now the threat is increasing because a number of states are moving to create a new legal window so that victims of long-ago abuse can sue. By National Writer David Crary. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

FINANCIAL MARKETS-S&P RECORD-Q&A _ You, me and the S&P: Understanding what the latest market high means for average investors. By Sarah Skidmore Sell. SENT: 700 words.




SAN FRANCISCO HOMELESS SHELTER _ San Francisco port commissioners have approved a contested proposal to put a temporary homeless shelter along the popular Embarcadero tourist area. SENT: 585 words, photos.

PEOPLE-JENNIFER GARNER _ Jennifer Garner graces the cover of this year's "Beautiful Issue" of People magazine, cheering the 47-year-old actress for the way she balances Hollywood, business and motherhood. SENT: 290 words, photo.

TRUMP-TWITTER _ President Trump says he had a “great meeting” with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after bashing the company earlier in the day. SENT: 315 words, photos.

LOTTERY JACKPOT _ A 24-year-old Wisconsin man steps forward to claim a $768 million Powerball jackpot, the nation's third-largest lottery prize. SENT: 530 words, photos.

GRAND CANYON FATALITY _ Another visitor to Grand Canyon National Park has died after falling over the edge of the South Rim, authorities say. SENT: 440 words, photo-




ELECTION 2020-JULIÁN CASTRO _ Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro returns to Texas this week lagging in polls and money raised in a crowded 2020 field. Castro will join many of his 2020 rivals in Houston on Wednesday for a candidate forum. By Paul J. Weber. SENT: 885 words, photos.

ELECTION 2020-YANG _ Democrat Andrew Yang understands he's unknown to much of America but says he'll ride what seems like an improbable path to the White House just like President Donald Trump. Yang, an entrepreneur who has never held political office, is generating buzz with his signature proposal for universal basic income. By Michele L. Price. SENT: 515 words, photos.

ELECTION 2020-IMPEACHMENT POLITICS _ Some top Democrats vying for the White House in 2020 have begun clamoring to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump for obstruction of justice, but many of their congressional colleagues _ who would actually have to lead them _ are warier. By Will Weissert. SENT: 890 words, photos. With TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBE-KUSHNER _ Jared Kushner says the investigations into Russia's interference in the 2016 election "had a much harder impact on our democracy" than what Russia actually did. SENT: 820 words, photos, video.

CONGRESS-TRUMP INVESTIGATIONS _ The struggle between House Democrats and the Trump administration over investigations intensifies as a former White House official defies a subpoena and the Treasury Department ignores a deadline for providing President Trump’s tax returns. By Mary Clare Jalonick. SENT: 875 words, photo.

SUPREME COURT-CENSUS-CITIZENSHIP _ Despite evidence that millions of Hispanics and immigrants could go uncounted, the Supreme Court's conservative majority seems ready to uphold the Trump administration's plan to inquire about U.S. citizenship on the 2020 census in a case that could affect American elections for the next decade. By Mark Sherman. SENT: 860 words, photos, video.

FEDERAL RESERVE-MOORE _ Additional provocative commentaries about women written by Stephen Moore, President Donald Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve board, emerged Tuesday, a day after a second White House Fed choice withdrew from consideration. By Christopher Rugaber. SENT: 510 words, photos.




IRAQ-LEGACY OF GUILT _ Thousands of Iraqi families face crushing social and legal discrimination _ all because of the choices their male relatives made under the Islamic State group's rule. They've been disowned by relatives and abandoned by the state. Registrars refuse to register their births, weddings or divorces; schools won't let their children enroll. Mothers are turned away from welfare, and mukhtars _ community mayors _ won't let them move into their neighborhoods. By Philip Issa and Salar Salim. SENT: 990 words, photos.

AFGHANISTAN-CIVILIAN CASUALTIES _ Afghan and international forces have killed more civilians in the war with the Taliban and other militants in the first three months of this year — the first time deaths caused by government forces and their allies have exceeded those of their enemies, a new U.N. report says. By Kathy Gannon. SENT: 600 words, photos.

NEW ZEALAND-ELIMINATING ONLINE TERROR _ New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron will host a meeting in Paris next month seeking to eliminate acts of violent extremism and terror from being shown online. By Nick Perry. SENT: 415 words, photos.

HONG KONG-UMBRELLA MOVEMENT TRIAL _ A court in Hong Kong has handed down prison sentences of up to 16 months to eight leaders of massive 2014 pro-democracy protests on charges of public nuisance offenses. The sentences are seen as an effort by the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory to draw a line under the protests amid pressure from Beijing. By Katie Tam and Veta Chan. SENT: 810 words, photos.




CALIFORNIA HOUSING _ A controversial proposal to increase housing near transportation and job hubs faces a key test as California lawmakers search for solutions to the state's housing affordability crisis. Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener's bill is up for a public hearing Wednesday. It's one of a handful of housing bills before lawmakers this year that attempt to slow rising rents, spur more building and ensure low-income people aren't displaced. California has 3.5 million fewer homes than it needs. By Kathleen Ronayne. SENT: 700 words, photos.

MANSON FOLLOWER-HEARING _Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten is getting another chance at getting out of prison. Van Houten's attorney will argue that Van Houten deserves to be paroled at a hearing before California's 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles on Wednesday. A 19-year-old Van Houten was among the followers in Manson's cult who fatally stabbed a wealthy grocer and his wife in 1969. By Amanda Lee Myers. SENT: 685 words, photo. UPCOMING: Will be updated after 6 a.m. hearing.

TEXAS EXECUTION _ A man who orchestrated one of the most gruesome hate crimes in U.S. history faces execution in Texas. John William King is scheduled for lethal injection Wednesday evening in the June 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr., a black man from East Texas. The 44-year-old King, who is white and an avowed racist, was put on death row for chaining Byrd to the back of a truck and dragging his body along a road outside Jasper, Texas. By Juan A. Lozano and Michael Graczyk. SENT: 810 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Execution scheduled for after 7 p.m.

CHINA-NEW SILK ROAD _ Asian and African leaders plan to press Beijing at a conference this week to reduce the politically volatile debt burden left by its Belt and Road Initiative to build ports and other trade-related infrastructure. That injects a potential note of tension into the celebration of President Xi Jinping's initiative, which has stirred anxiety in Washington about Beijing's global influence. By Joe McDonald. SENT: 865 words, photos.

MISSING BOY-ILLINOIS _ A father frantically hunted in his house, garage and the surrounding neighborhood in suburban Chicago, looking for his 5-year-old son who was not home when he returned after a doctor's appointment, according to a recording of a 911 call. By Don Babwin. SENT: 500 words, photos.




TESLA-RESULTS _ Tesla has lost nearly $6 billion since setting out to revolutionize the auto industry 15 years ago, but CEO Elon Musk foresees a profitable future fueled in part by a ride-hailing service made up of electric cars driven by robots. By Tom Krisher and Michael Liedtke. SENT: 895 words, photo.

BOEING-RESULTS _ When Boeing reports financial results, the first quarter numbers will take a back seat to any updates on the 737 Max. The aerospace giant is scheduled to release numbers before the stock market opens. By David Koenig. SENT: 645 words, photos.




NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FEST 50TH _ The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is celebrating its 50th year. It has grown from 'a ragged little carnival of sound' to 8 days and hundreds of thousands of visitors. By Janet McConnaughey. SENT: 690 words, photos.




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