Florida holiday home invaded by vomiting vultures

Siobhan Casimano said vultures have overtaken their pool.

A couple’s luxurious Florida holiday home has been taken over by dozens of black vultures that are vomiting and defecating everywhere.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the Casimano family, from New York, cannot even visit the 702,000 dollar (£578,000) home they purchased earlier this year in the Ibis Golf and Country Club.

Siobhan Casimano described the smell as “like a thousand rotting corpses” and said vultures have destroyed their screened enclosures, overtaken the pool and dented their cars with their beaks.

Neighbour Cheryl Katz has also complained about the issue. She said another neighbour excessively feeds vultures, causing them to keep returning.

Neighbourhood association president Gordon Holness said they were limited in what they can do because the vultures are migratory birds protected by federal law.