Boy waves at empty street as members of the public isolate due to coronavirus

Toby Marriott said his nephew Ralph is ‘the friendliest toddler you’d ever wish to meet’.

A little boy who loves to wave at people was forced to wave to the street as public spaces emptied due to coronavirus.

Ralph’s uncle, Toby Marriott, posted a video of Ralph walking down the street in west London waving, saying he was the “friendliest toddler” you could meet.

Posting the video to Twitter, Mr Marriott said: “My three-year-old nephew is the friendliest toddler you’d ever wish to meet, and always says hello to all the people he walks past.

“On his daily walk today, though, he had to pretend.”


The video quickly reached over 300,000 views on Twitter, with plenty of users praising Ralph’s friendliness.

Lucy, Ralph’s mother, said: “Firstly, I hope it makes people smile.

“Secondly, I hope it reminds people to never let go of their inner child, and say hello to everyone they pass on the street!

“It is going to get more difficult to keep him entertained the longer the lockdown goes on, as he is already missing interacting with people on the street, as you can tell in the video.”