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VIRUS OUTBREAK-EXTREME POVERTY’S RISE — Decades of progress in one of modern history’s greatest achievements, the fight against extreme poverty, are now in danger. The World Bank says up to 100 million people globally could fall into the bitter existence of living on just $1.90 a day. Most of them are in sub-Saharan Africa, a region that against countless odds had some of the world’s fastest growing economies in recent years. By Elias Meseret and Cara Anna. SENT: 1,610 words, photos. There is also an abridged version.




VIRUS OUTBREAK - With confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. reaching 5 million Sunday, by far the highest of any country, the failure of the most powerful nation in the world to contain the scourge has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe.. By Nicole Winfield and Lisa Marie Pane. SENT: 1,240 words, photos. With VIRUS OUTBREAK-THE LATEST.

ELECTION 2020-BIDEN-VP -- For all the secrecy and speculation that typically surrounds the search for a vice presidential running mate, the decision rarely sways an election. But ahead of Joe Biden’s imminent announcement, this year could be different. By Steve Peoples and Alexandra Jaffe. SENT: 1,050 words, photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-SCHOOLS — Many U.S. schools have poor air circulation, which will exacerbate the coronavirus threat when some of them reopen this month. Aging air conditioning and heating systems allow classroom air to become stagnant, meaning the virus will linger in the air around the students and teachers instead of being blown into air ducts and out of the school. At one New York City school, teachers are threatening not to return until their central air conditioning system is fixed. It last worked in 2013. Some schools will be teaching classes outdoors, even in colder climates. They are buying large tents and heaters to protect students from the weather. By Terry Spencer: SENT: 940 words, photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-TRUMP -- President Donald Trump’s end run around Congress on coronavirus relief is raising questions about whether it would give Americans the economic lifeline he claims and appears certain to face legal challenges. Democrats called it a pre-election ploy that would burden cash-strapped states. By Jonathan Lemire. SENT: 990 words, photos. With VIRUS OUTBREAK-UNEMPLOYMENT-STATES. Whether President Donald Trump has the constitutional authority to extend federal unemployment benefits -- and whether states will sign on -- remains unclear. SENT: 900 words, photos.




VIRUS OUTBREAK-TRUMP-CUOMO — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has dismissed as laughable the executive order President Donald Trump signed to force states to pay part of $400 weekly unemployment insurance benefits. Cuomo told a telephone news conference Sunday that the plan announced by Trump a day earlier would likely cost New York state $4 billion. SENT: 470 words, photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-ASIA - Australia has reported fewer new daily cases from its virus hotspot in the city of Melbourne than on any single day since last month. But it has also reported the nation’s highest daily death total since the virus outbreak began. The state of Victoria reported 322 new infections and 19 new deaths on Monday, with 14 of the deaths connected to outbreaks at aged-care facilities. SENT: 430 words photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-EXECUTIVE ORDERS-WHAT THEY DO - The executive orders signed by President Trump this weekend aim to put more money in the pockets of Americans and keep some of them from getting kicked out of their homes or their apartments. But there’s plenty the orders don’t do to help those struggling the most with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. UPCOMING: 850 words by 7 p.m., photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-UNEMPLOYMENT-STATES - A plan from President Donald Trump to extend additional unemployment benefits requires states to provide 25 percent of the funds, and it’s unclear whether states have the money or the will to do it. By Matthew Barakat. SENT: 870 words, photos.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-GEORGIA - A Georgia high school has told parents in a letter that six students and three staff members tested positive for COVID-19, days after viral photos showed the school’s hallways packed with people. SENT: 469 words, photos.




INDONESIA VOLCANO — Indonesia’s rumbling Mount Sinabung has erupted with a column of volcanic materials shooting high into the sky. An observation post official says a thick layer of ash covered several villages up to 12 miles from the crater. SENT: 180 words, photos.

THAILAND-POLITICAL PROTESTS — Hundreds of demonstrators rallied in Thailand on Saturday, after police arrested two leading anti-government protest leaders in an apparent attempt to stifle growing political unrest. SENT: 250 words, photos.




FACT CHECK-WEEK -- President Donald Trump isn’t telling the full story when it comes to executive orders on coronavirus relief payments and health care. The claims came in a week where truth took a beating, on topics from mail-in voting to the virus threat. By Hope Yen. SENT: 3,060 words, photos.




RACIAL INJUSTICE-PORTLAND — Authorities in Portland, Oregon, again declared a riot Sunday night after protesters marched to union building, blocked the road and set dumpster fires. Police forced a couple hundred people away from the building minutes after the they had arrived from a nearby park. Since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, protests have occurred nightly in the city for more than 70 days. SENT: 350 words, photos.




LEBANON EXPLOSION-PALACE — The 160-year-old Sursock palace in Beirut withstood two world wars, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the French mandate and Lebanese independence. After the country’s 1975-1990 civil war, it took 20 years of careful restoration for the family to bring the palace back to its former glory. It was a popular tourist spot, and hosted weddings. But after last week’s devastating blast, the mansion’s owner, Roderick Sursock, says: “In a split second, everything was destroyed again.” SENT: 510 words, photos.

JAPAN-KOREA-UNFINISHED BUSINESS — The modern legacy of a dark chapter in Japan’s history, when hundreds of thousands of people were brought from the Korean Peninsula and other Asian nations to work in logging, in mines, on farms and in factories as forced labor, lives on in the companies that came to dominate the Japanese economy after World War II. SENT: 980 words, photos.

HONG KONG-JIMMY LAI — Hong Kong police have arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai and raided the publisher’s headquarters in the highest-profile use yet of the new security law Beijing imposed on the city in June. Hong Kong police said seven people had been arrested but didn’t reveal their names. Lai owns popular tabloid Apple Daily and is an outspoken pro-democracy figure in Hong Kong who regularly criticizes China’s authoritarian rule. SENT: 590 words, photos.

COLOMBIA-URIBE'S TROUBLES — Harried WhatsApp messages, secretly recorded meetings and intercepted phone calls build the backbone of a monumental Supreme Court investigation against powerful former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe for alleged witness tampering. Hundreds of pages of court documents obtained by The Associated Press outline the numerous inconsistencies that led magistrates to place Uribe under house arrest. SENT: 1,300 words, photos.

BELARUS ELECTION — Phalanxes of Belarusian police in full riot gear have violently dispersed thousands of demonstrators who poured into the streets to challenge the early count from Sunday’s presidential election. Election officials declared that early returns show authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko won a sixth term by a landslide. A leading rights group says hundreds of people have been detained in a brutal crackdown that lasted through the night. SENT: 1,030 words, photos.

MALAYSIA-CORRUPTION — Malaysia’s former finance minister has pleaded not guilty to a second corruption charge related to a $1.5 billion undersea tunnel project. Lim Guan Eng is accused of abusing his power as Penang state chief minister to obtain monetary inducement to help a local company secure the construction contract for the tunnel. SENT: 420 words, photos.

US-TAIWAN — U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen during the highest-level visit by an American Cabinet official since the break in formal diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei in 1979. SENT: 350 words, photos.

PUERTO RICO-BOTCHED PRIMARY — Puerto Ricans are demanding answers after botched primaries forced officials to reschedule voting at centers lacking ballots, an unprecedented decision being called a blow to the U.S. territory’s democracy.The island’s elections commission remained silent as anger and embarrassment spread across Puerto Rico on Monday, one day after hundreds of voters were turned away from shuttered centers that for unknown reasons received ballots several hours late or never received them. SENT: 760 words, photos.




FINANCIAL MARKETS — Shares are mostly higher in Asia after President Donald Trump issued executive orders to provide tax relief and stopgap unemployment benefits for Americans hit by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Shares rose Monday in Sydney, Shanghai and Seoul, while markets were closed in Tokyo for a holiday. Stock prices fell in Hong Kong after the authorities arrested pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai on suspicion of collusion with foreign powers. SENT: 700 words, photos.




GLF-PGA CHAMPIONSHIP — Collin Morikawa has won the PGA Championship with one of the greatest shots hardly anyone witnessed at a major. On a wild day at Harding Park with seven players tied for the lead, the Cal-Berkeley graduated chipped in for birdie to take the lead and then hit driver to 7 feet for eagle that clinched it. Morikawa closed with a 64. That’s the lowest final round by a PGA champion in 25 years. SENT: 920 words, photos.




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