France suspends all Brazil flights due to virus variants

France’s prime minister has announced the suspension of all flights between Brazil and France amid concerns over coronavirus variants.

Prime Minister Jean Castex made the announcement Tuesday in parliament.

He said: “We note that the situation is getting worse and so we have decided to suspend all flights between Brazil and France until further notice.”

A man wearing a face mask walks down the steps of the Tuileries Garden, in Paris, Saturday, April 10, 2021. French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged Friday that the U.S. "won the bet" on coronavirus vaccines by investing massively and moving fast with experimental treatments, and urged his compatriots to join a "national war effort" to administer and make vaccines. (AP PhotoLewis Joly)

France has had 5.1 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, the highest number in Europe, and has seen over 99,000 die in the pandemic.