Dutch timber ship runs aground in northern Sweden

A cargo ship carrying timber has run aground in northern Sweden in the estuary of the Angerman River that feeds into the Bay of Bothnia.

The grounding happened Thursday morning. The Koningsborg, a 130-meter (425-foot) ship registered in the Netherlands, was bringing timber to Casablanca in Morocco when it suffered a technical failure, said Kalle Isaksson of the Swedish coast guard.

The vessel was traveling at 6 knots (7 mph) when it sailed onto a sandy beach. No one was reported injured.

The Koningsborg, a 130 meter long cargo ship, run aground in the Angerman River in Sando, northern Sweden, Thursday, June 24, 2021. The incident happens Thursday morning when the Koningsborg, a vessel registered in the Netherlands and carrying timber destined for Casablanca in Morocco, suffered a technical failure and lost manoeuvrability. (Mats AnderssonTT via AP)

Coast guard officials believe the environmental risk is low in the grounding and they are working with experts to free the vessel in the coming days.