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Xinjiang's Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration


Xinjiang's Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration


Xinjiang's Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration

2024-04-10 22:44 Last Updated At:04-11 00:37

Tarim Basin, a major natural gas source in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has seen vigorous development with 12 new gas wells in being put into operation in Tarim Oilfield since the beginning of the year, elevating the gas supply capability in southern Xinjiang.

These developments have seen the oilfield's average daily gas supply top 16 million cubic meters, while new infrastructure now lets this gas flow on a 4,000-kilometer pipeline that runs from Xinjiang all the way to the eastern metropolis of Shanghai, according to oilfield operators.

"We have connected the natural gas pipeline network in Southern Xinjiang with the west-east gas pipeline network by building new pipelines. Branch lines covering a wider range of counties and villages have also been built and we have set up four compressor stations to elevate gas supply capability," said Chang Guichuan, head of the transportation and marketing department of PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Branch.

New natural gas reserves have been found in Tarim Oilfield with the help of new exploratory wells. A new natural gas processing plant has been built on the Pamirs Plateau, pushing up the area's daily processing capacity from one million cubic meters to three million cubic meters.

With the establishment of Bozi natural gas processing plant in the southern parts of the Tian Shan mountains, the gas-bearing area is able to process over 30 million cubic meters of natural gas.

A total of 32 oil and gas fields have been built surrounding the Tarim basin since the country started an exploration campaign in the area 35 years ago.

The area has proven oil and gas reserves reaching 3.5 billion tonnes of oil equivalent and has a total gas output of over 400 billion cubic meters.

Oil and gas exploration and production have driven high-quality socio-economic development in Xinjiang and have also helped ensure China's energy security.

Xinjiang's Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration

Xinjiang's Tarim Basin ramps up gas exploration

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Xi calls for furthering reform to power modernization in Shandong inspection

2024-05-25 11:58 Last Updated At:12:37

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed comprehensively deepening reform to drive Chinese modernization during an inspection trip to the eastern economic powerhouse of Shandong Province.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, urged the coastal province to pursue reform-driven high-quality development and build itself into "a hub of high-level opening up".

Xi's trip to Shandong, lasting from Wednesday to Friday, is his fourth domestic inspection tour this year.

On Wednesday afternoon, Xi first visited the Rizhao Port, where he observed automated container terminal operations.

The port, constructed after China launched the reform and opening-up drive in the late 1970s, has evolved into a modern facility over the decades, gaining valuable experience in facilitating upgrading and transforming traditional industries to foster new quality productive forces.

"We are all strivers working from the past to the present, and we have achieved such brilliant results. Let's keep up our endeavors," Xi said to the port workers.

Later, Xi toured a coastal greenway in Rizhao to learn about local efforts in ecological restoration.

"Let's make solid efforts together. Happy lives come from hard work. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will definitely be realized," Xi said.

On Thursday morning, Xi met with senior officers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army troops stationed in Jinan, the provincial capital.

Later that day, he presided over a symposium attended by representatives from businesses and academia in Jinan. He urged the need for deepening reform across the board with efforts centering on advancing Chinese modernization.

On Friday morning, he attended a meeting in Jinan to hear reports on the work of the province's Party and government authorities.

Xi underscored the need to fully unleash the potential of integrating the real economy with the digital economy and to develop new quality productive forces based on local conditions.

It was imperative to push ahead with the transition to green and low-carbon development, boost sci-tech innovation in green and environmental protection sectors and spur the development of such industries, as well as build a world-class cluster of seaports to set the pace for modern marine economy development, he said.

Xi said Shandong should work actively to build international logistics corridors, be innovative in promoting the coordination of free trade zones, deeply integrate itself into the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, build competent platforms for significant international exchanges and cooperation, and play an important role in facilitating the mutually reinforcing circulations of domestic and international markets.

He urged efforts to vigorously promote the development of modern agriculture, develop the region into a higher-level "granary", and expand the paths toward common prosperity.

Xi stressed the need to facilitate dialogue and mutual understanding between civilizations and amplify Chinese culture's global reach and influence through platforms such as the International Confucius Cultural Festival.

He also highlighted the pivotal role of upholding the Party's leadership and strengthening work related to Party building in advancing Chinese modernization.

Shandong, a frontier of China's reform and opening up, is also an industrial base and a major grain producer. With a population of 100 million, the province ranked third in GDP last year among all provincial-level regions in China. Shandong is also the birthplace of Confucius.

Xi calls for furthering reform to power modernization in Shandong inspection

Xi calls for furthering reform to power modernization in Shandong inspection

Xi calls for furthering reform to power modernization in Shandong inspection

Xi calls for furthering reform to power modernization in Shandong inspection

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