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Foreign experts laud China's strong economic start, boosting worldwide confidence




Foreign experts laud China's strong economic start, boosting worldwide confidence

2024-04-18 21:38 Last Updated At:23:47

China's robust economic start, characterized by a 5.3 percent year-on-year GDP growth in the first quarter of 2024, has garnered praise from foreign experts, who laud its ability to bolster worldwide confidence and express high hopes for China's continued high-quality development.

The data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday shows that China's GDP during this period amounted to 29.63 trillion yuan (approximately 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars), with a quarterly increase of 1.6 percent, demonstrating a positive and progressive economic trend.

Felix Somerville-Scharf, a German auto industry consultant, highlights China's impressive economic progress and innovative energy, emphasizing the importance of ongoing collaboration between German and Chinese businesses to contribute to China's high-quality development, particularly in sustainable development and high-tech fields.

"The latest data reveals China's economy is demonstrating a positive trend of steady progress and advancement. The momentum for high-quality development is evident across various sectors. China's remarkable vitality for innovation consistently impresses me. This is precisely why German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited China and should do so regularly, ensuring that German and Chinese businesses collaborate to contribute to China's high-quality development, particularly through enhanced cooperation in areas like sustainable development and high-tech fields," said Felix Somerville-Scharf.

Chancellor Scholz paid an official visit to China from April 14 to 16. During his visit in Beijing, President Xi Jinping met with Scholz and Premier Li Qiang held talks with him. Leaders of the two countries had candid and in-depth exchanges on China-Germany relations and agreed to continue enhancing strategic communication, deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and advancing sound and steady growth of China-EU relations.

The two sides agreed that they oppose decoupling and severing of industrial and supply chains and will work together in response to global challenges and jointly inject greater stability and certainty into the world.

Kazakhstan economic expert Anuar Nurtazin emphasizes the significance of China's investment growth data, highlighting its role as the primary driver of economic growth and its optimistic outlook for the future.

"It is particularly worth mentioning the investment growth data. Investment is the primary driver of economic growth, and the investment growth figures in China for the first quarter are highly optimistic. These figures are sufficient to indicate a clear growth momentum and a promising outlook for the future," said Nurtazin.

Marcos Cordeiro Pires, professor of international political economy at Sao Paulo State University, praises China's enhanced production capabilities, improved product quality, and domestic market development as key factors in its robust economic growth.

"China has significantly enhanced its production capabilities, leading to improved product quality and the development of new brands. Even amidst a complex external environment, China has actively focused on developing its domestic market. This has been instrumental in supporting the country's robust economic growth," said the professor.

Guntram Kaiser, a German public relations and governmental relations specialist, commends China's strategic shift towards innovation and high-quality development, urging German companies to actively participate and benefit from this process.

"I believe that China's long-term plan to transition from a world factory to a hub for innovative technologies, new quality productive forces, and high-quality development is a wise strategy. German companies should actively participate in this process, contributing to and benefiting from it," said Kaiser.

Foreign experts laud China's strong economic start, boosting worldwide confidence

Foreign experts laud China's strong economic start, boosting worldwide confidence

China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Fu Cong on Wednesday urged Israel to fulfill its obligations to ensure sufficient and unimpeded humanitarian deliveries into the Gaza Strip.

At a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Fu said China strongly condemned Israel's recent airstrikes on the refugee camps in Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians.

He said that China firmly opposes politicizing humanitarian issues, using hunger as a weapon and using humanitarian assistance as a bargaining chip.

"Israel, as the occupying side, should earnestly fulfill its obligations, immediately open all land border crossings, ensure adequate and rapid access for humanitarian supplies into Gaza and protect the safety of humanitarian agencies and personnel for the safe and orderly distribution of supplies," said Fu.

On Tuesday, a draft resolution on the situation in Gaza was submitted by Algeria, which demands a halt of Israeli military operations in Rafah, a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of detainees.

However, Alternate Representative of the United States for Special Political Affairs in the United Nations Robert A. Wood maintained that the very draft resolution would not be helpful for the situation in Gaza.

"Any kind of additional product on the situation right now probably is not going to be helpful. It's not going to change the situation on the ground," said Wood.

So far, the United Nations Security Council has been continuing to discuss the content of the draft resolution, with no time being set for the vote.

Chinese envoy calls on Israel to ensure sufficient, unimpeded humanitarian deliveries into Gaza

Chinese envoy calls on Israel to ensure sufficient, unimpeded humanitarian deliveries into Gaza

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