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Several DR Congo army officers arrested on charges of treason




Several DR Congo army officers arrested on charges of treason

2024-04-19 11:52 Last Updated At:12:57

The armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has arrested several army officials on charges of treason in the country's southeastern city of Lubumbashi and the capital city of Kinshasa.

The army's Chief of Staff, General Christian Tshiwewe, announced the arrests before a military parade took place in Kinshasa on Monday. According to Tshiwewe, the arrested officers are accused of collaborating with rebel groups.

The move has been broadly welcomed by many residents in the DRC, though some pointed to some of the deep-lying problems facing the country.

"We congratulate the army for arresting those soldiers but there is a deeper problem in our country. Our leaders are oppressing us by keeping us in poverty. That is what is motivating some of our soldiers to work with rebels," said Andre Bomanza, a local resident of Kinshasa.

Another resident urged for much tougher punishments to be introduced to prevent acts of treason, even calling for a return to some of the hard-line measures of the past.

"Cases of treachery have become common in our army because the law is not tough. They should start shooting those traitors by firing squad like it used it be in the days of former President Mobutu," said local man Malejean-Pierre Mwamba.

Last month, the DRC government lifted a moratorium on the death penalty, which had been designed to deter soldiers from working with rebels.

Back in January, the DRC military announced it had launched an offensive mainly targeting the M23 March Movement (M23) rebels which occupy several areas in the territory of Masisi and Rutshuru, both located in the North Kivu province.

The M23 rebels are also at the heart of some of the diplomatic clashes between the DRC and neigboring Rwanda. DRC authorities accuse Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels, with Rwanda denying these allegations, a charge which is also refuted by the rebellion's spokesman.

Several DR Congo army officers arrested on charges of treason

Several DR Congo army officers arrested on charges of treason

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Iran reiterates enhancing cooperation with neighbors

2024-05-28 16:11 Last Updated At:16:37

Iran's foreign policy of enhancing cooperation with neighbors will remain unchanged, and its support for the Palestinian people will not be interrupted, the country's Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said at a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

Kanaani said that Iran has noted Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's remarks on his willingness to resume diplomatic ties with Iran.

The spokesman said that developing friendly relations with neighbors is part of the Iranian government's foreign policy.

Despite the government's grave losses of President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and members of the accompanying team in a helicopter crash on May 19, the country's constructive attitude will not change, and the Iranian Foreign Ministry will continue to earnestly implement the established plans, Kanaani stressed.

"The strategic policy of developing relations with neighboring countries is one of the achievements of the 13th Iranian government. This policy has eliminated misunderstandings and obstacles, and strengthened the relations between Iran and its neighboring countries, especially those in the southern Persian Gulf. We hope that with the efforts of their leaders, the relationship between countries in the region could continue to develop," Kanaani said.

On the situation in the Gaza Strip, he said that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued the mandate demanding Israel to immediately stop its military operations in southern Gaza city of Rafah, and the international community should fully fulfill its responsibilities regarding this matter.

He also condemned the United States and other countries' unilateral support to Israel, saying the current situation is the consequence of such moves, while the United States continues to put on airs that it stands above international law.

Kanaani dismissed Western media reports alleging "secret" indirect talks between the United States and Iranian officials, including Iranian acting Foreign Minister Bagheri Kani, in Oman earlier in the month, saying they lack credibility and were inaccurate.

He said that the exchange of indirect messages between Iran and the American side on sanctions removal had been ongoing without interruption. However, such interactions had focused solely on areas concerning the lifting of the embargoes and nuclear issues and had never gone beyond that framework.

Iran signed the nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), with world powers in July 2015, agreeing to put some curbs on its nuclear program in return for the removal of the sanctions on the country. The United States, however, pulled out of the deal in May 2018 and reimposed its unilateral sanctions on Tehran, prompting the latter to drop some of its nuclear commitments under the deal.

The talks on the revival of the JCPOA began in April 2021 in Vienna, Austria. Despite several rounds of talks, no significant breakthrough has been made since the end of the last round in August 2022.

Iran reiterates enhancing cooperation with neighbors

Iran reiterates enhancing cooperation with neighbors

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