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Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology




Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology

2024-05-24 12:13 Last Updated At:16:27

A vibrant coastal greenway in east China, which recently enjoyed a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping, has helped improve life in the city and boosted tourism, according to residents.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, visited the greenway in Rizhao City, Shandong Province on Wednesday. His arrival aroused a warm welcome from locals, officials and tourists.

The construction of the 28-km-long greenway prioritized the restoration of ecologically sensitive areas. This approach maximized the integrity and natural state of the local marine ecosystem, in line with the national strategy of building "ecological civilization."

"The general secretary mainly learned about the construction of ecological civilization and the greenway along the path. What he cared about the most is the construction of ecological civilization, and the development of culture and tourism," said Liu Xianglong, secretary of the Party committee of Donggang District of Rizhao.

"The area underwent three large-scale upgrading renovations. The intersection of the greenway's Wangpingkou section and Shanghaitian section used to be a shrimp pond, and the ecology was relatively fragile. The construction of this greenway helped to improve the ecological environment here and protected the sea," said Liu Wenjun, manager of the Wangpingkou scenic spot along the greenway.

"The construction of the greenway shows respect for and compliance with nature, and finally brought the best natural scenery to residents and tourists. The greenway now integrates naturally with its surroundings," said Liu Xianglong.

The greenway serves as a multi-functional leisure area for local people. During Xi's visit, he encountered a number of cyclists and a couple posing for wedding photos at the greenway's Wanpingkou scenic spot.

"Now the greenway connects the beautiful countryside, seaside, mountains and rivers. Every day when we cycle on the greenway, it feels like looking at a landscape painting," said Fan Fengzhan, one of the cyclists.

"Cycling keeps us healthy, and I feel especially happy living in the city of Rizhao," said Li Mei, another cyclist.

"'Wanpingkou' means that everything goes well with peace and happiness. Rizhao has undergone many changes over the past two years, and it is a very vibrant city," Zhang Zhenhua, a groom taking wedding photos on the beach.

The greenway also draws tourism thanks to its kilometers of beautiful scenery, according to Liu Xianglong, the Party committee secretary.

"Riding bikes, jogging, and walking by the sea provide great experiences for local residents. For tourists, Rizhao offers over 60 kilometers of natural beach shoreline. The construction of this coastal greenway enhances the beauty and functionality, providing an even better experience for visitors," said Liu Xianglong.

"I came to Rizhao to participate in the first National Workers Marathon. I think the course is particularly beautiful. While running, we enjoyed not only the happiness brought by the sport but also the beautiful scenery of the sea along the way," said Zhao Yunqun, a marathon runner from Chongqing Municipality in southwest China.

"We often organize activities here for students. They all love it here and are very willing to visit here. We feel very fortunate to have such a beach and sea," said Liu Dan, a teacher at Rizhao Polytechnic, a local vocational school.

"In the next stage, we will bear in mind the instructions of the general secretary during his visit to Rizhao, and will do a good job in the basic management of the scenic spot so that the visitors can enjoy the beauty of clear skies, blue seas and golden beaches here," said Liu Wenjun.

Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology

Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology

Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology

Greenway in east China improves local life, restores ecology

Russia claimed on Wednesday that its forces attacked the ammunition depots of Ukraine, while the Ukrainian said they destroyed military equipment of Russia, according to their latest updates on the conflict.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a briefing released on Wednesday that its military gained advantageous positions in multiple areas, striking Ukrainian ammunition depots, artillery systems, and other targets.

They also intercepted rockets, aerial bombs, and drones launched by Ukraine, said the Defense Ministry.

On the same day, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian forces were engaged in combat with the Russian military in various directions, including Pokrovsk.

They launched powerful strikes against Russia, resulting in the destruction of Russian personnel and weaponry, it added.

A spokesperson from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant stated that the city of Energodar, where the nuclear power plant is situated, experienced a power outage due to the Ukrainian drone attack on a local substation, according to a report by Russia's TASS news agency on Wednesday.

But operation of the nuclear plant was not affected, said the report.

Following the drone attack, Ukrainian armed forces commenced artillery bombardment on the city, said a TASS report.

Russia strikes Ukrainian ammunition depots, Ukraine destroys Russian military equipment

Russia strikes Ukrainian ammunition depots, Ukraine destroys Russian military equipment

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