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Sichuan Province logs 2.63 trillion yuan in retail sales of consumer goods in 2023




Sichuan Province logs 2.63 trillion yuan in retail sales of consumer goods in 2023

2024-05-27 16:18 Last Updated At:16:37

The total retail sales of consumer goods in southwest China's Sichuan Province reached 2.63 trillion yuan (about 360 billion U.S. dollars) in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 9.2 percent, said a provincial official on Monday.

In a press briefing on Sichuan's development, Vice Governor Zuo Yongxiang noted that the province ranked the fifth in the country in terms of total retail sales of consumer goods in 2023.

"Sichuan is a major economically developed province and a significant consumption hub. With a population of 91 million and a surrounding market reaching nearly 400 million people, Sichuan's total retail sales of consumer goods reached 2.63 trillion yuan last year, ranking the fifth in the country, with a year-on-year increase of 9.2 percent," said Zuo.

Zuo said catering consumption is a pillar of consumption in the province.

"In Sichuan, various catering establishments can be found on both main streets and alleys. Chengdu City alone boasts more than 10,000 teahouses, over 20,000 hotpot restaurants, and more than 300,000 other types of restaurants. In recent years, the promotion of world-class events such as the FISU World University Games, the World Table Tennis Championships and the Thomas Cup has stimulated the consumer market. The International Horticultural Exhibition 2024, which opened on April 26, attracted over 300,000 visitors to engage in consumption activities in Sichuan," Zuo said.

He also stressed that the provincial government has been taking various actions to promote consumption in the region and has seen some achievements in recent years.

"We have continued to promote the upgrading of business formats, vigorously improve commercial blocks at various levels, intelligently transform traditional commercial blocks, and promote the construction of demonstration pedestrian streets. Chunxi Road and Jiaozi Park in Chengdu have become landmark business districts with global influence, attracting many well-known brands," he said.

"We also launch 40 new consumption scenarios with Sichuan characteristics in the province every year and release a 'heat map' according to their popularity. The Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory Park, Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival and Trade Fair, and Zhanggong Bridge food street in Leshan City are popular among consumers. In addition, we encourage the development of the first-store economy. Last year, 45 new international brands were invited to open their first stores in Sichuan, either globally or nationally," he said.

Sichuan Province logs 2.63 trillion yuan in retail sales of consumer goods in 2023

Sichuan Province logs 2.63 trillion yuan in retail sales of consumer goods in 2023

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Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

2024-06-20 23:19 Last Updated At:06-21 00:17

Rescue and relief operations are underway to mitigate the impact of seasonal flooding across China.

South China's Guangdong Province has mobilized emergency forces to the hardest-hit areas, such as Pingyuan County and Jiaoling County in the province's Meizhou City, where clearance and repair works on flood-damaged roads are underway.

The provincial emergency aviation rescue center also dispatched helicopters to rescue trapped or injured people and deliver generators, food, drinking water and other supplies to flooded villages.

Wuping County, another hard-hit area in east China's Fujian Province, also dispatched emergency management and transportation teams, who rushed to the scene in speedboats and rubber boats carrying life jackets and other rescue equipment and supplies.

The county also mobilized nearly 300 excavators, forklifts and other machinery to assist in the evacuation of more than 68,000 people.

Water levels in some sections of three of the four major rivers in central China's Hunan Province, the Xiangjiang, Zijiang and Yuanjiang Rivers, have risen by three to 7.5 meters due to continuous rainfall, causing floods in surrounding areas.

Faced with flooding, neighboring areas have taken strict preventive measures, and more than 23,000 residents have been evacuated.

Rainfall also lashed east China's Anhui Province, with torrential rain hitting the province's Huangshan City, causing floods and trapping many rural residents.

Nearly 900 emergency rescue teams in the city are currently carrying out rescue and disaster relief operations while transferring affected people to safe locations.

Many rivers in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region also saw rivers exceeding flood alert levels, causing flooding in the region's Guilin City. Emergency responders have evacuated stranded people, and helped get traffic flowing again in urban area as the floods recede.

East China's Jiangxi Province is also closely monitoring key zones such as mountainous areas, reservoirs, and rivers to provide real-time disaster warnings, stepping up efforts to identify risks and hidden dangers.

China's State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters on Thursday initiated a Level-IV emergency response in Anhui and Hubei and Chongqong Municipality.

China has a four-tier flood-control emergency-response system, with Level I being the most severe response.

The Ministry of Emergency Management also urgently allocated 30,000 pieces of central disaster relief supplies to Guangxi in coordination with relevant departments.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources said on Wednesday that it had allocated central fiscal water conservancy disaster relief funds of 916 million yuan (126.16 million U.S. dollars).

Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi will get 499 million yuan from the total to support flood disaster relief and flood prevention works, with a focus on providing subsidies for the repair of damaged water infrastructure.

Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

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