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China's homegrown C919 jetliner sees surging orders while expanding regular routes




China's homegrown C919 jetliner sees surging orders while expanding regular routes

2024-05-28 17:57 Last Updated At:19:17

One year after its first commercial flight, China's self-developed large passenger aircraft, C919, has experienced a surge in orders as it is expanding regular routes.

China's domestically developed C919 passenger jet took off at 10:32 on May 28, 2023 at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport with some 130 passengers on board.

The 2.25-meter-high cabin aisle is spacious and comfortable for passengers, providing ample visual field ahead of them.

The plane received a water salute after touching down at the Beijing Capital International Airport at 12:31 on May 28, 2023.

Since the second day after its successful maiden commercial flight, the C919 has commenced regular commercial operations between the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport on May 29, 2023. Over the following six months, the second, third, and fourth C919 aircraft have been delivered and put into service.

The C919 commenced operation on a new route connecting the megacities of Beijing and Shanghai on January 9 this year. This marks the second regular route for the C919, following the previously launched Shanghai Hongqiao-Chengdu Tianfu route.

Chinese passenger jet C919 debuted in a flight demonstration at the Singapore Airshow in February this year.

On March 2 this year, the fifth C919 aircraft was delivered and put into service, marking the completion of China Eastern Airlines' initial batch of orders.

The flight MU2152, operated by China Eastern Airlines, took off from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at around 08:40 on March 8 and departed for the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, marking the launch of the third regular route for the C919.

The sixth C919 jetliner joined the China Eastern Airlines fleet on Tuesday, indicating the acceleration of commercial operation of China's homegrown large passenger aircraft.

This came one year after the first commercial flight of C919 was made.

The aircraft, delivered to China Eastern on Monday, landed at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport on Tuesday morning after a short flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

As of May 27, China Eastern Airlines' C919 fleet has completed 2,181 commercial flight trips, accumulating 6,090 safe flight hours and transporting more than 276,000 passengers.

More than 1,000 orders have been placed worldwide for the jet so far, according to the manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

China's homegrown C919 jetliner sees surging orders while expanding regular routes

China's homegrown C919 jetliner sees surging orders while expanding regular routes

Youth representatives from the United States have been gaining a closer look at China's green development while strengthening cultural exchange during a visit to Beijing.

Joined by a group of young people from China, the cultural exchange visit kicked off on Wednesday.

The event is part of the "Bridge of the Future" China-U.S. Youth Exchange Program, a collaboration effort of the All-China Youth Federation and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Running until Friday, the group's three-day itinerary includes visits to government departments, companies, and economic development zones to learn about China's modernization.

They immersed themselves in China's rich heritage by visiting iconic sites like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. They also ventured into suburban villages, gaining firsthand insights into the country's rural revitalization efforts.

"We have a land barrier, so us coming here will help us actually mingle and talk to more people. And so, I think that helps because obviously we can't meet each other day to day," said Jordan Rall, a U.S. student.

For the American youth in the group as well as the adults accompanying them, China is more than a travel destination. They visited a policy research center in China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment to gain insight into its achievements in ecological conservation and environmental protection.

"I've been blown away. All the tours we've had. One thing I'm noticing and keeps coming up as the theme of living in harmony with nature, and it's amazing to see how quickly and efficiently you all have been able to scale the transition to clean energy, but also reducing energy use and reducing carbon emission. It's definitely a learning lesson that I'll be taking back to the U.S. with me," said Cecile Green Brown, communications director for Environmental Defense Fund's Healthy Communities team.

The youth representatives also visited an innovation park to witness firsthand the transformation of an old factory into an environmentally sustainable public facility.

The "Bridge of the Future" program aims to foster communication, understanding, friendship and cooperation between Chinese and American youths, contributing to a healthy, stable and sustainable China-U.S. relationship.

US youth witness China's sustainability efforts, engage in cultural exchange in Beijing

US youth witness China's sustainability efforts, engage in cultural exchange in Beijing

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