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Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China




Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

2024-06-20 23:19 Last Updated At:06-21 00:17

Rescue and relief operations are underway to mitigate the impact of seasonal flooding across China.

South China's Guangdong Province has mobilized emergency forces to the hardest-hit areas, such as Pingyuan County and Jiaoling County in the province's Meizhou City, where clearance and repair works on flood-damaged roads are underway.

The provincial emergency aviation rescue center also dispatched helicopters to rescue trapped or injured people and deliver generators, food, drinking water and other supplies to flooded villages.

Wuping County, another hard-hit area in east China's Fujian Province, also dispatched emergency management and transportation teams, who rushed to the scene in speedboats and rubber boats carrying life jackets and other rescue equipment and supplies.

The county also mobilized nearly 300 excavators, forklifts and other machinery to assist in the evacuation of more than 68,000 people.

Water levels in some sections of three of the four major rivers in central China's Hunan Province, the Xiangjiang, Zijiang and Yuanjiang Rivers, have risen by three to 7.5 meters due to continuous rainfall, causing floods in surrounding areas.

Faced with flooding, neighboring areas have taken strict preventive measures, and more than 23,000 residents have been evacuated.

Rainfall also lashed east China's Anhui Province, with torrential rain hitting the province's Huangshan City, causing floods and trapping many rural residents.

Nearly 900 emergency rescue teams in the city are currently carrying out rescue and disaster relief operations while transferring affected people to safe locations.

Many rivers in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region also saw rivers exceeding flood alert levels, causing flooding in the region's Guilin City. Emergency responders have evacuated stranded people, and helped get traffic flowing again in urban area as the floods recede.

East China's Jiangxi Province is also closely monitoring key zones such as mountainous areas, reservoirs, and rivers to provide real-time disaster warnings, stepping up efforts to identify risks and hidden dangers.

China's State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters on Thursday initiated a Level-IV emergency response in Anhui and Hubei and Chongqong Municipality.

China has a four-tier flood-control emergency-response system, with Level I being the most severe response.

The Ministry of Emergency Management also urgently allocated 30,000 pieces of central disaster relief supplies to Guangxi in coordination with relevant departments.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources said on Wednesday that it had allocated central fiscal water conservancy disaster relief funds of 916 million yuan (126.16 million U.S. dollars).

Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi will get 499 million yuan from the total to support flood disaster relief and flood prevention works, with a focus on providing subsidies for the repair of damaged water infrastructure.

Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

Rescue, relief operations underway as seasonal floods hit parts of China

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Foreign ambassadors highlight China's innovation achievements at int'l IoT forum

2024-07-19 23:20 Last Updated At:07-20 02:17

Foreign ambassadors to China participating in a global forum on the Internet of Things (IoT) spoke highly of China's achievements in technology and innovation made in the past decade, noting that developing countries in particular have greatly benefited from Chinese development.

The diplomats made the remarks at the World IoT Top 500 Summit 2024 held Friday in Beijing, one day after the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) adopted a resolution on further deepening reform across the board to advance Chinese modernization, with the support to all-around innovation included.

"Yesterday the third plenum ended and today there's the IoT conference. I have been in China for one and a half years now. I have been traveling in China. I have been very impressed because I can see that there's a lot of investment, a lot of energy is being put, not only in having renewable energy and taking care of the planet of course because of climate change, but also because there is recognition that communication technologies and IoT is the future. I recognize that the authorities, that the government is emphasizing a lot in investing and using much more the energy to push more for more research and for utilizing research and technology more to improve the economy and to move forward," said Ambassador of Malta to China John Busuttil.

Khalil Hashmi, Pakistan's ambassador to China, pointed out that he is impressed that China is not only developing technologies, but also sharing it with developing countries, while South African Ambassador to China Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele highlighted the positive impact of China's advancement on other developing countries.

"I compared it 15 years ago when I was here as a political councilor in the embassy, and I saw at that time that China was investing a lot in human resources, in technological research and development, and these are the results of that timely investment. So, whether it is AI, whether it is other emerging technologies, computing technologies, whether it is other critical components, all in all, I think it's very impressive achievement by China. China is developing technologies, but also sharing it, especially with developing countries. So, that's very impressive," said Khalil Hashmi.

"If we check what a state it was about 30, 40 years ago, China's made tremendous advances, particularly in the last 10 years. China has made it easy for developing countries because you are using these, putting in a lot of research and development, so you are able to produce advanced technologies but at an affordable price, which is key for developing countries," said Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele.

Foreign ambassadors highlight China's innovation achievements at int'l IoT forum

Foreign ambassadors highlight China's innovation achievements at int'l IoT forum

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