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LD reminds employers and employees to take heat stroke preventive measures in times of Heat Stress at Work Warning


LD reminds employers and employees to take heat stroke preventive measures in times of Heat Stress at Work Warning


LD reminds employers and employees to take heat stroke preventive measures in times of Heat Stress at Work Warning

2024-06-25 11:30 Last Updated At:12:26

Heat stress warning in effect: employers urged to take preventative measures to avoid heat stroke in hot weather work environments

As the Heat Stress at Work Warning is now in effect, the Labour Department (LD) reminds employers and employees to take appropriate measures during the effective period of the warning to prevent heat stroke when working in hot weather or hot environments.

Employees who work outdoors or in non-air-conditioned indoor environments face high levels of heat stress and are at a relatively higher risk of heat stroke. Employers should assess the risk factors of heat stress for employees at work and, based on the identified risk factors, take necessary preventive and control measures, including rescheduling work periods, setting up shading covers, providing ventilation and heat dissipation equipment, and reminding employees to replenish water and rest in a timely manner.

The Heat Stress at Work Warning is formulated by the LD based on the Hong Kong Heat Index. There are three levels of the warning: Amber, Red and Black, which help employers and employees better understand the level of heat stress while working outdoors or indoors without air-conditioning systems.

A spokesman for the LD said that when the department issues the Heat Stress at Work Warning, employers must refer to the criteria and recommendations provided in the "Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work" to conduct risk assessments, according to the workloads and other relevant heat stress risk factors, for employees who work outdoors or in non-air-conditioned indoor workplaces. Appropriate rest breaks should be arranged every hour, as far as reasonably practicable, based on various levels of the Heat Stress at Work Warning, to reduce employees' risk of heat stroke.

Employees must also follow instructions to rest on time. Whenever there are any symptoms of heat-related illnesses, such as headache, dizziness, thirst, and nausea, they should rest in a cool and shady place, drink water, and inform employers/supervisors to take appropriate action immediately.

The LD issued the "Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work", detailing the various risk factors that should be considered when conducting heat stress risk assessments and recommending corresponding control measures for identified risk factors for employers' and employees' reference. For the Heat Stress at Work Warning and related guidelines, please refer to the department's thematic webpage:

Source: AI-generated images

Source: AI-generated images

Booking for free use of leisure facilities on Sport For All Day 2024 to start on July 16

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will hold Sport For All Day 2024 on August 4 (Sunday). Most leisure facilities under the purview of the LCSD will be open for free use. Members of the public can book the LCSD's fee-charging facilities as individual users starting from July 16 (Tuesday).

The sessions for free use of facilities on August 4 will be allocated through balloting via SmartPLAY. During anytime between July 16 and 22, members of the public can submit a balloting application via SmartPLAY for booking sessions available for free use on August 4. Each user can submit a total of three balloting choices in one application. The computer balloting results will be announced by July 25. Successful applicants will be notified by the SmartPLAY system and no confirmation is required by the applicants. Members of the public, who have not been allocated with or applied for the balloted free sessions, can book the remaining free sessions, if any, via SmartPLAY on a first-come, first-served basis from 7am on July 29 for the free sessions on August 4. Each person can only book one free session for August 4 irrespective of the type of leisure facilities, either from balloting or first-come, first-served booking.

Applications submitted can be altered before the closing of the application period at 11.59pm on July 22. If applicants wish to change their choices, they may click "Edit Balloting Choices" to make alteration. They are reminded to read and agree the declaration and click "Submit Application" again to complete the application procedures.

The leisure facilities to be available for free use on August 4 include:

  • Indoor leisure facilities: badminton courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts, volleyball courts, squash courts, table tennis tables, American pool tables, billiard tables, sport climbing walls*, bowling greens, golf facilities, fitness rooms*, activity rooms, dance rooms and a cycling track*;
  • Outdoor leisure facilities: tennis courts, tennis practice courts, bowling greens, batting cages, sport climbing walls*, archery ranges* and golf facilities (excluding camp facilities, sports grounds as well as artificial and natural turf pitches);
  • Public swimming pools (excluding Wan Chai Swimming Pool, and Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool and Tung Cheong Street Swimming Pool which are temporarily closed for redevelopment and repair works respectively); and
  • Craft at water sports centres* (recreational kayaks, pedal-driven boats, sampans and colour boats at Chong Hing Water Sports Centre are available for free use by campers only).
  • * Citizens who book these types of facilities must hold the relevant qualification certificates. For details, please visit the thematic website at

    No prior booking is required for public swimming pool facilities. Members of the public may line up at the entrances of swimming pools before the start of a session. Free admission is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The LCSD appeals to hirers to arrive on time and make the best use of the booked facilities. If a hirer fails to take up a booked session 10 minutes after the starting time, the facility will immediately be reallocated to walk-in participants on a first-come, first-served basis. The facility shall be used for the same purpose as that for which it had been booked by the original hirer. The user shall surrender the facility to the original hirer immediately upon the latter's arrival.

    All users of the leisure facilities shall observe the Conditions of Use of LCSD Recreation and Sports Facilities (, including the no-show/not present during the use of the booked sessions ("not present") penalty. An individual hirer who is unable to take up a booked session should cancel the booked facility one day before the start of the booked session(s) through the SmartPLAY system. A no-show/"not present" record will be filed on the hirer when he or she fails to take up a session as booked without on-time completion of the cancellation procedure, or is not present during the use of the booked sessions. Any two such records within 60 consecutive days will result in suspension of booking rights for any of the LCSD's recreation and sports facilities for 90 days.

    In addition, the LCSD will hold diversified and free recreation and sports programmes from 2pm to 6pm on August 4 at designated sports centres in 18 districts, including health talks, fitness corners, sports demonstrations and participation activities for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The theme of this year event is "Parent-child Exercise for Fun and Fitness", the parent-child exercises to tie in with the theme of the event will be held at designated venues. Activity coupons will be distributed at LCSD District Leisure Services Offices and designated venues in the 18 districts on July 22.

    To echo the SFAD 2024, over 10 organisations will firstly hold free land-based and aquatic recreation and sports programmes for the public to join in their venues, or open up their facilities for free use on August 4. Details are available on the dedicated webpage (

    Sports demonstrations will be featured in a live webcast via the event dedicated website ( and the "LCSD Plusss" Facebook page ( on the event day from 2pm. Members of the public can experience the vigour of sports demonstrations at home through online platforms.

    For enquiry on free use of leisure facilities, please call 2414 5555 or visit the dedicated website at

    Source: AI-generated images

    Source: AI-generated images

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