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AXA Introduces New TotalAssure Critical Illness Series


AXA Introduces New TotalAssure Critical Illness Series


AXA Introduces New TotalAssure Critical Illness Series

2024-06-25 22:21 Last Updated At:22:45

Prioritises pre-emptive care for three early risk conditions with continuous support throughout the health journey

Study reveals that nearly 90% of Hong Kong residents are not fully aware of their health conditions, putting them at higher risk of critical illness as early disease signs go undetected

HONG KONG, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AXA Hong Kong and Macau ("AXA") unveiled its new TotalAssure Critical Illness Series ("TotalAssure Series" or "New Series") to provide comprehensive protection for customers against 135 illnesses. The New Series innovatively offers protection for early risk conditions[1] linked to colorectal cancer, breast cancer and heart disease, helping the insured to stay ahead of these critical illnesses while offering timely support for early intervention. It provides up to 1,300% of the sum insured for continuous coverage of increasingly prevalent major illnesses like severe dementias, as well as common critical illnesses that carry significant risks of recurrence, such as cancers and strokes[2].

TotalAssure Plus - BabyPro ("BabyPro"), part of the New Series, offers expectant mothers maternity protection starting as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy. BabyPro provides coverage for pregnancy complications, and innovatively extends coverage to postpartum depression for both mothers and fathers. It enables newborn children to enjoy market-leading double protection during the first policy year.

Addressing the challenge of Hong Kong people overlooking early health risks through pre-emptive care and treatment

AXA's latest study[3] revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 respondents (86%) were not fully aware of their health conditions (including cancer index, heart function, blood index, liver, gallbladder, kidney function, etc.). Over 60% (63%) of the respondents do not have the habit of getting annual health checkups, while 61% said they would not seek professional medical advice immediately in case of noticing a health problem. In the unfortunate event of a critical illness, 77% of the respondents said their choice of treatment would depend on the financial burden, and over 80% (84%) were worried that they could not afford the treatment cost and ongoing rehabilitation.

Janet Lee, Chief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, "AXA's critical illness insurance products have consistently led the market with our "Continued Protection," offering peace of mind to our customers. The newly launched TotalAssure Critical Illness Protection Series not only innovatively incorporates continuous compensation for stroke, but also breaks new ground by providing advanced protection for specific early-stage risks associated with the three most common critical illnesses, while also expanding the scope of surgical coverage. These innovations aim to protect customers before their conditions worsen, effectively addressing market demands and ensuring comprehensive protection and support before, during, and after the onset of serious diseases."

Comprehensive protection with coverage for 3 early risk conditions, multiple claims and continuous support

With the innovative product design, TotalAssure Series offers enhanced protection for early risk conditions associated with three common critical illnesses that require specific surgeries. These include precancerous lesion of the breast[4], the early high-risk conditions linked to colorectal cancer and heart diseases, such as Colorectal Serrated Adenoma/polyp(s) and cardiomyopathy (Early Dilated). The New Series also expands the coverage to 51 critical surgeries, supporting customers for early illness intervention.

The TotalAssure Series goes beyond traditional critical illness products with continuous coverage for other serious illnesses, offering support and protection for customers throughout different treatment stages. In the unfortunate event of a critical illness, the New Series provides multiple continuous coverage for common critical illnesses with high recurrence rates, such as cancer, heart attack and stroke[2]. The coverage includes a Continuous Cancer Payout for up to 111 months, an additional 5% of the sum insured per month for up to 11 months after a stroke[2] diagnosis, and a payment of 100% of the sum insured, providing stable financial support during the crucial recovery period. Additionally, the New Series provides annual payouts of up to 12% of the sum insured until the age of 100 in the case of severe dementias. 

Innovative baby and maternal care package with enhanced special support

With BabyPro, AXA is extending pre-emptive care and continuous protection to mothers and babies. The study mentioned above found that it has become mainstream for expectant parents to purchase insurance for their unborn children (73%). BabyPro accepts applications as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy. In addition to maternal death cover, it offers protection for pregnancy complications and postpartum depression for both parents, with up to HKD2,000 per visit to specialist in psychiatry or registered psychologist, subject to a maximum of 50 visits in total under all TotalAssure Plus – BabyPro policies. BabyPro also covers babies for undetected congenital conditions from birth, giving them protection as soon as they are born and allowing them to enjoy double coverage during their first year as they start their new lives.

Responding to the growing number of special educational needs ("SEN") students, the TotalAssure Series offer a distinctive protection plan. It provides special educational support for children with conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, visual or hearing impairments, ensuring the insured children receive the support they need throughout their educational journey.

The above information is for reference only. For more information on product features, contents, terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the product brochure and policy terms and conditions.

The TotalAssure Series offers a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

• Three Key Early Detection and Treatment

• Three Ongoing Support

• Recognises the unique challenges of children with Special Educational Needs ("SEN") and provides special education support for nine conditions if the insured is diagnosed between 6 and 18 years' old, and attends a special school for one academic year.

• Combines Critical Illness Benefit and Mental Health Services to ensure the insured can attend free mindfulness classes[5], including the YMCA Art Workshop or Pure Yoga Class/Fitness Pass, for mental health protection. Includes different support services for the insured person and their carers after diagnosis of a critical illness.

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About AXA Hong Kong
AXA Hong Kong and Macau is a member of the AXA Group, a leading global insurer with presence in 51 markets and serving 94 million customers worldwide. Our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

As one of the most diversified insurers in Hong Kong, we offer integrated solutions across Life, Health and General Insurance. We are the largest General Insurance provider and a major Health and Employee Benefits provider. Our aim is to not only be the insurer to provide comprehensive protection to our customers, but also a holistic partner to the individuals, businesses and community we serve. At the core of our service commitment is continuous product & service innovation and customer experience enrichment, which is achieved through actively listening to our customers' needs and leveraging and investing in technology and digital transformation.

We embrace our responsibility to be a driving force against climate change and a force for good to create shared value for our community. We are proud to be the first to address the importance of mental health through different products and services and thought leading iconic research. Our overall Sustainability Strategy, with emphasis on climate strategy and biodiversity commitment, is developed based on TCFD recommendations. We are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors across our business and strive to contribute to a sustainable future through 3 distinct roles - as an investor, insurer and an exemplary company.



Certain statements contained herein may be forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements that are predictions of or indicate future events, trends, plans or objectives. Undue reliance should not be placed on such statements because they are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties and can be affected by other factors that could cause AXA's actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Please refer to Part 4 - "Risk factors and risk management" of AXA's Universal Registration Document for the year ended December 31, 2019, for a description of certain important factors, risks and uncertainties that may affect AXA's business, and/or results of operations. AXA undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of these forward-looking statements, whether to reflect new information, future events or circumstances or otherwise, except as part of applicable regulatory or legal obligations.

[1] Three early risk conditions include cardiomyopathy (early dilated), colorectal serrated adenoma/polyp(s) and precancerous lesion of breast.

[2] Only applicable to TotalAssure Plus Critical Illness Plan and TotalAssure Plus Critical Illness Plan – BabyPro.

[3] The survey was commissioned by AXA and conducted by the market research firm YouGov in April 2024, aimed to study Hong Kong people's understanding of their own health conditions and stress levels. A total of 1,035 respondents aged between 18 and 50 participated in the survey.

[4] The term 'market-first' refers to same type of critical illness insurance plan available for new business in the market that offers lumpsum payout for precancerous lesion of breast (according to AXA internal market research conducted as of 24 June 2024).

[5] The value-added services are provided by third-party service providers as AXA may designate from time to time. AXA shall not be responsible for any value-added services so provided or any act or failure to act on the part of the third-party service providers. The third-party service providers are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to such value-added services and all auxiliary services so provided. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of AXA and the third-party service providers.

** The press release content is from PR Newswire. Bastille Post is not involved in its creation. **

AXA Introduces New TotalAssure Critical Illness Series

AXA Introduces New TotalAssure Critical Illness Series

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** The press release content is from PR Newswire. Bastille Post is not involved in its creation. **

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