李顯龍稱香港示威者提五大訴求旨在羞辱港府 再問他們要什麼會說「不知道」

新加坡總理李顯龍日前在《福布斯》環球總裁大會(Forbes Global CEO Conference)上,詳細談及香港示威,稱示威者旨在羞辱港府,及迫港府下台,並非解決問題,形容情況為「不幸」,並關注事件對地區的影響。

李顯龍周三在新加坡舉行的福布斯大會會上發表上述意見,當天特首林鄭月娥由於議員會議廳內高聲抗議,而無法在立法會宣讀施政報告。他說: 「我看不出有簡單的出路,因為示威者稱他們有五大訴求並且是缺一不可。但是這些訴求並非解決香港問題的方案,而是旨在羞辱香港政府並要把政府逼下台。」(I don't see any easy way forward because the demonstrators say they have five major demands and not one can be compromised. But those are not demands which are meant to be a programme to solve Hong Kong's problems. Those are demands which are intended to humiliate and bring down the government.)



接著他說 : 「如果你繼續追問 (示威者) : 然後呢? 如果他們夠坦白,他們會答:我不知道,但無論怎樣,我不開心,所以我想這些事(示威破壞)發生。」李顯龍說,這是最不幸的情況。(And then what? I think if you press the question, some of them would if they were candid, they would say ‘I don't know … But anyway I am not happy and I want this to happen'. And that's a most unfortunate state to be in.)

李顯龍說 : 「當香港陷入困難,當示威 - 甚至更壞 - 暴動發生,當行政長官被逐出立法會會議廳,我覺得這對香港是很令人難過的事,對整個區域是壞事。而我們關注事態發展。」(When Hong Kong is troubled, when there are demonstrations or worse riots, when the chief executive is booed out of the Legislative Council chamber, I think that is sad for Hong Kong and bad for the region.””We look on with concern.”

李顯龍又說 : 「有一位香港人說: 中國方面不能只講一國,也要講兩制 ; 但香港方面,也不能只講兩制,不講一國,對中港雙方而言,都需要智慧和約制。(”As one Hong Konger put it neatly, from China point of view they must not only think of one country but remember that this is two systems and from Hong Kong’s point of view, you must not only think of two systems , but remember that this is one country” ”And that calls for wisdom and constraint on both sides.”

“There is no simple solution…..to say we want universal suffrage, but Hong Kong is not a country, it is a special administrative region.”

他又說,香港需要「政治勇氣」解決住屋問題。他表示,必須預備作出可能產生重大社會和經濟後果的改變,直至現在,香港特區政府的的政策都偏向保守,未能真正改善問題。」”You must be prepared to make changes which will have very significant social and economic consequences, and so far the SAR government have gone for conservative approaches and the problem has not really significantly improved.”



他不忘提及新加坡的穩定,說福布斯論壇在新加坡舉行,顯示「投資者可以來這裏,而不會認為自己身處世界上危險的地方。(investors can come and not think that I’m in a dangerous part of the world.)

問及是否有企業因最近的動亂,而把業務由香港轉移到新加坡,他說還未見到,也有這可能,但他沒有這希冀。(”I haven’t seen it happen yet. It could happen. We don’t hope for it.”)

李顯龍說,只有在地區穩定,其他國家也繁榮的情況下,新加坡才能蓬勃發展。因此「我國一直關注整個事態發展,希望香港能夠克服這些難題,但這不容易。」(We thrive best in Singapore when the region is stable, when other countries are prospering and we can do business with them。""We look on with concern. We hope Hong Kong will be able to overcome these problems. I don’t see any easy way forward。


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