一家人返圍村食團年飯 胡杏兒老公分享屋企傳統習俗



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Gung Hei Fat Choi! Last day of the Year of the Pig was spent putting up couplets back at the village. 對聯 in Cantonese or 門對 in Hakka are structured poetic sayings/blessings with precise and concise meaning. Two vertical scrolls conveying best wishes and one horizontal scroll at the top with an auspicious saying. The door gods 門神 guard against evil entering the home. In the past EVERY household would put new versions up before the lunar new year, and even though no one lives here anymore, we still do for tradition and respect as our family has been doing it for centuries before us. Evening we spent a CNYE 年三十晚dinner with close relatives - along with winter solstice the most important family gathering of the calendar ‍‍‍ At night Mama Lee prepared fresh pomelo leaves for us to bathe with, something I have done every year since I was born. It is used to wash off the evil and bad vibe from last year so that we enter the new year fresh and clean. For westerners at least you will know that these leaves are full of antioxidants - good for your skin! This year is supposed to be very good for me and I look forward to it even more! We wish you an amazing Year of the Rat - stay healthy and happy and break new barriers Gong Hee Fat Choi! Sin Tee Ken Hong! #cny #cnye #tradition #hakka #hongkong

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