拳擊女神靠賣「臭襪」賺外快 加推美腿照粉絲瘋搶


想賺外快,不一定要出賣勞力或知識,這位澳洲靚女拳擊手Ebaine Bridges,每月就靠售賣穿過的襪子而成功開創副業!之後她更加推穿着絲襪的美腿照,同樣大受歡迎,買家遍布世界各地,更得到英國襪子品牌Clingz的贊助!

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Proud to be an Ambassador for the “Boxing is Love” non-profit organisation. These guys travel to impoverished regions of the world and help build facilities and teach self belief through boxing and so much more to the locals. ❤❤❤ . Swipe ➡➡➡. . Check more about them and what they have done and support the cause by purchasing a shirt or donating ❤ https://boxraw.com/pages/boxing-is-love . #Repost @boxingisloveofficial with @get_repost ・・・ Representing Australia 🇦🇺 , Boxing Is Love is proud to earn the support of @ebanie_bridges. The Blonde Bomber is an undefeated prospect, with a world of talent, looking to put the women’s boxing world on notice!! But here at Boxing Is Love, we are looking forward to the girls at Christ’s Children’s Home having the opportunity to braid that hair!! 🥊❤#boxingislove @savemorekids

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“Strength and growth only comes from continuous effort and struggle” . In life and in the gym! . And here is a pic of my muscles 😁😜 . . #Boxing #Muscles #BlondeBomber

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