Beach resort hires people to live in luxury hotels with $10k salary

Have you ever thought of quitting your job to have a 6-month travel staying in a remote hotel? This is not a dream anymore because the city of Cancun, in Mexico, is seeking for someone to live there between March and August next year.

You will get paid for $10k per month to be a CEO to live and play in Cancun. 

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Besides the pay, you are allowed to stay in luxury hotels and resorts there and explore and experience all that Cancun has to offer!

"We're looking for brand ambassador who can showcase the warmth, wonder, and essence of Cancun as one of the world's premier vacation destinations," according to the ad on their website. 

A few requirements are that candidate need to know how to create videos and are capable of writing and speaking English.

"The ideal applicant will have a unique eye for capturing stories, a warmth in interacting with others, a self-motivated work ethic, and a dedication to producing high-quality work." marked on the websites.

Cancun is a popular tourist destination in southeastern Mexico. The city, one of Mexico's easternmost points, is in the Caribbean Sea where there are beautiful sea view and beaches for people going there to relax.

Photo via Facebook

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Photo via flickr

The deadline for the applications will be 17 December 2017. If you love this kind of working mode, take your action!