Vietnamese internet celebrity broken up with boyfriend after first night sex; he says it's because...

Well, what a reason!!

A Vietnamese girl named "AN" is a sweet girl with a high popularity in her home country and now a well-known social media celebrity.

However, she shared a very hurtful experience of her previous relationship a few days ago. She said when she had her puppy love, she gave out the first experience of sex with her boyfriend because she trusted him a lot. 

However, she was dumped the next day after she had sex with him. And what shocked her so much was the reason the man saying, "your breast is too small!"

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As a social media celebrity in Vietnam, AN has many fans. She claimed that she never dated anyone before meeting her boyfriend. After they were together, they often post their photos online, receiving a lot of blessings from netizens. It seemed that their relationship was so stable.

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However, AN wrote a sad article a few days ago online, "My boyfriend had broken up with me after we had sex last week." She added her ex-boyfriend didn't tell his reasons, but it seems to AN that it was because "He thinks I have small breasts making him feel like touching a man". The man even blamed her "You should tell that before the relationship start ."

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AN is depressed and blames herself, "He was the first man I love, but he treated me like that. I really do not believe in men anymore. I do not dare to love somebody else."

She received lots of consolation from netizens. There is also news that the man was dating another girl when he was in the relationship with AN.