Sesame Street sparks debate on Twitter with ‘deser ...

The latest hilarious viral meme involves a ladder made out of emojis

Social media users are making amazing jokes with cartoon ladders.

Another week, another meme to explode with popularity on social media and entertain us all.

The latest meme to grace Twitter involves a ladder made out of emojis, which people have used to describe the various hilarious predicaments they find themselves in.

Here are some of the best versions of the meme, which illustrate what a slippery slope life can become.

1. This version is everyone on Twitter.

2. This person fell down the ladder of healthy eating.

3. Strong sibling dynamics were illustrated with the meme ladder.

4. Procrastination habits were also a theme…


5. Some used the ladder to explain their lateness.

6. This hilarious 30 Seconds To Mars reference.

7. This meme calls out every Netflix user.


8. Harry Potter came into the mix.

9. This version is guaranteed to upset any university students.

10. Lastly, this incredible Proclaimers version beats all others.