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Main character appears ‘out-fo’, as the photographer focuses instead on ......

When you take photos on important occasions, you make sure the photos aren’t blurred or out of focus. However, a graduate in Thailand got a series of graduation photos with him ‘out-fo’ (the focus is on the girls behind him), with no thanks to his photographer friend.

New graduate Panuphong Rordlerdrhai recently uploaded a photo album called ‘The photographer sucks’ on the social media, with a series of graduation photos in which the main character is ‘out-fo’ while the girls behind him are sharp and clear.

The album went viral on the internet. Many netizens ‘like’ the photos, commenting that: “The photos are consistent, the subject is vivid. We can see the contrast and the different ‘faces’ of graduation”. Other netizens pointed out that the photographer might be specialized in female portraits, or the main character might have collaboratedwith the photographer to take photos of the pretty girls.