Brazilian mother suspected of abusing son by forcing him to bow to eat dog food

The mother is awful!

A Brazilian mother is suspected of child abuse because she allegedly forced his 2-year-old son to climb on the ground to learn eating dog food in the pet feeding bowl.

What's more thrilling is that she can be heard laughing at the side, thinking the incident as funny. 

The mother asked the child who is bowing down in front of the bowl, "Child, you want lunch now, right?" Then the little boy walking like a dog comes out.

The mother laughed and filmed a clip, then sent to her family chat group. She said to the boy's grandmother in a cheeky tone, "I know grandmother will cook for me, but let me have some snacks first."

Video screencap

The grandmother was furious after watching the clip and decided later to disclose the behaviour of her daughter-in-law.

She slammed the mother doesn't even deserve to be mum and said she be arrested for child abuse. 

Video screencap

Local authorities are now investigating the incident. One investigator said, "The grandmother was angry about the clip and she immediately rushed to their home to take the grandson home. Since the child said he felt was uncomfortable, so she came to the police station to report the case." 

They added that that the boy's aunt was on the scene when his mother was taking the video. It is unclear what their intention is to film, but both said that it is very interesting.

Video screencap

Video screencap

Both the mother and aunt may face criminal prosecution. However, the boy’s mother’s defense lawyer pointed out that the boy’s parents were not "malicious", emphasizing that the boy was taken good care by her. 

He also blamed the grandma judged her "out of context" in the private group and shouldn't upload the footage to the social media platform.