With 145 IQ, Belgian 8-year-old finishes high school and plans for university

What are you doing at eight?

While most of the eight-year-old children are studying at primary two or three and enjoying a relaxing and pressure-free childhood, a Belgian 8-year-old boy, Laurent Simons, is planning to go to the university.

Simon's father is a Belgian and his mother is a Dutch. Simon's father revealed that his son didn't like to play with children of the same age since he was young, and he was not interested in toys.

Laurent Simons, video screencap

Simon's father, video screencap

Laurent Simons, video screencap

Video screencap

It took only one and a half years for Simon, who had an IQ of 145, to finish junior high school and high school, which most people could get when they are 18.

The youngster said that his favorite subject is mathematics because it covers a wide range of fields, including statistics, geometry, algebra, etc. He wants to be a surgeon or an astronaut, but is now considering the computer industry.