Dog reunited with owner after being found tied up in a church

A Staffordshire bull terrier was left at the altar of a church in Blackpool.

A Staffordshire bull terrier who was found tied up in a Blackpool church has been reunited with his owner.

The dog, named Cracker by RSPCA officers, was found tied up next to the altar at Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool on December 18 with a note from his owner.

The note read: “Please believe me when I say I haven’t done this easily. My dog means the world to me and I don’t know what else to do. I’ve no home or money now for him.

“Life has taken a really bad turn for me and I couldn’t imagine him being outside with me cold and hungry. I love you and I am so, so, so sorry.”

RSPCA inspector Will Lamping collected the dog, who was cared for by staff at the Longview Animal Centre in Blackpool.


Mr Lamping said: “We’re so pleased that Cracker – who is actually named Rooney – will be going back to his owner once she’s back on her feet. Alison from Blackpool is thrilled to be having him home soon.

“She is receiving support from local charity Street Paws, who will now take care of Rooney until Alison is ready to have him home.”

Street Paws is a charity that offers support across the UK by providing free veterinary care and emergency kennel space to the pets of homeless people and those in extreme poverty.

Michelle Southern, the charity’s founder, said: “Rooney’s story has really touched the hearts of the nation, but sadly it’s not uncommon. People who have no home are forced to make heartbreaking decisions to give up their pets as they have no other choice.

“We… were relieved when his owner was found as she loves him very much.”