Twitter users are trying to help return this very old wedding ring to its owner

Will the power of social media be enough?

Twitter users are harnessing the power of social media in an attempt to return a 63-year-old wedding ring to its owner.

Jonathan Hopkin, 38, from Nottingham tweeted three images of the ring, which he said was found by his wife and was inscribed with the letters A and P.

"Right, need your help twitter folk," Jonathan wrote. "My wife has found this wedding ring and it has the date 15.9.55 and the initials A and P inscribed on it.

"I know it's a long shot but we'd love to get it back to who it belongs to."

Social media soon jumped into action, retweeting the post in their thousands and offering detective work of their own.

"My wedding ring means so much to me, I'd love to be able to get it back to the owner or their family," Jonathan told the Press Association.

Others simply expressed their desire for the ring to find its owner once again.

Here's hoping the precious item finds its way back home soon enough.