Hot Australian model sued matchmaker for introducing to her a range of unacceptable men

Australian fitness model Zoë Daly paid AU$5,000 to a high-end matchmaker who claimed having "amazing men" on the books. She sued the matchmaker for misconduct after several horrible dates and won.

Fitness trainer and model Zoë Daly is a popular internet celebrity. She paid AU$5,000 membership fee to matchmaker Elite Introductions last November in hopes of meeting men who are 32 to 38 years old, have a successful career, interested in sports and share the same interests as hers. She was then introduced to a range of unappealing 40-year-old-looking men who complained over their work and grumbled about how bad their ex-girlfriend or dates were. Disappointed by the appointed dates, she sued Elite Introductions for misleading and deceptive conducts with request of refund of her membership fees.

Elite Introductions denied committing a fraud and said Daly had "unreasonably formed the view that not even a year of introductions ... could lead to a better outcome".

The tribunal accepted Daly’s allegation based on the fact that the matchmaker had boasted having in hand some "amazing men who would be snapped up before January” and hence persuaded Daly to sign the contract she did not intend to on that day. Because of committing misleading and deceptive conduct under Australian consumer protection laws, Elite Introductions was ordered to refund Daly 80 per cent of the membership fee, totalling $4,000.