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Police find out the 'tiger' which broke into a cattle house was only a doll after their confrontation for 45 minutes

Hi, hairy cutie.

A cattle farmer in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, found the cowhouse was intruded by a tiger and was scared to call the police. Armed police on the scene, after confrontation with the tiger for 45 minutes, were only to find the majestic tiger just a cute doll.

Local Police Chief Inspector George Cordiner said he was called by the night of the 3rd of this month to learn that wild animals broke into the farm. The police dared not underestimate the danger and contacted the nearby zoo to confirm whether or not tigers had escaped. After considering the potential threat to the population, armed police officers were dispatched to ensure security.

Cordier said the ultimate goal of the police is to protect the public in any uncertain circumstances. The incident ended in 45 minutes because the police officers confirmed that the life and safety of citizens would not be threatened.

"UK Cop Humor" facebook post revealed that local radio station at the time of the incident mentioned: "I do not know if this tiger ate any cattle, but it seems to be well fed. The tiger appears very quiet except that its ears' movement. "After a while, a policeman rushed forward and finally found out that it was only a fluff doll.