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Girl, 16, gets pushed into river, breaks 5 ribs and sustains lung injury

A 16-year-old teen girl suffered heavy injuries to her ribs after being pushed off a bridge into Lewis River in Yacolt, Washington.

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The incident, which was caught on camera, shows a group of people standing on the ledge of the bridge over Moulton Falls, where the teen girl is standing over the bridge's railing precariously on the ledge and hesitating to jump, when someone behind her suddenly shoves her off, stunning and causing her to flail in the air uncontrollably as she plunges towards the river below.

Clark County Fire Chief Ben Peeler said that it is illegal to jump from the three stories tall bridge, so as to protect people from the hazardous rock shelves along the deep river channel. Despite ample warnings not to dive off the bridge, many daredevils still attempt the jump every summer.

"My daughter's gonna have a long road to recovery and I think that [the person responsible] should probably just turn herself in - realize what she did wrong," the girl's mom, Genelle Holgerson, said, "This is not okay. She could have killed my daughter."

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When the girl was asked who she was with that day, or what she had been doing beforehand in an interview after the incident, she declined to comment.