Fox survives 12 hours stuck in car grille after accident

The animal was none the worse for wear.

A fox had a “miracle” escape after surviving for 12 hours wedged in a car grille, the RSPCA has said.

The fox was spotted on September 8, having been hit by a car in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, in the early hours of that morning.

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The animal was rescued from the car by RSPCA animal collection officer Amy Reiter, after being contacted by the car’s owner.

She said: “The lad hit a fox during the early hours of the morning and thought it went under his vehicle.

“He hadn’t realized the fox had survived the accident and had no idea it had got stuck in the car.”

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The rescue was difficult due to the fox’s distress and his position in the car grille, but he was rescued without serious injury.

Ms. Reiter said: “The fox was understandably very frightened and distressed. He didn’t want us to go anywhere near him and I couldn’t wrap him in a towel due to how he was stuck, so I had to use my grasper to get hold of him.

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“I was able to check him over at the scene and as if by a miracle, he had no serious injuries.

“It’s astounding that having been hit and stuck in the grille for around 12 hours the fox was not only still alive, but no worse for wear.”

The fox was returned to the area of the collision by the RSPCA officer and safely released so he could return to his den.

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