Dad’s panoramic photos of daughter reap entertainingly-warped rewards

‘I look like an Alien.’

Going through the photographs at the end of a holiday is one of the joys, but for Simran and her family, it must have made their sides hurt.

The 21-year-old has gone viral after she shared some shots her dad took of her – images in which he was testing out his camera’s panoramic function.

@sc_x_cs/Twitter.(Online photo)

Panoramic photography captures images with an elongated field of view using software or specialised equipment to create the wide format perspective – but it can be temperamental when it comes to keeping people in proportion.

Just so you can understand quite how distorted Simran’s father’s images turned out, here’s how she normally looks.

@sc_x_cs/Twitter.(Online photo)

@sc_x_cs/Twitter.(Online photo)

And here’s another of her dad’s panoramic shots.

The truly remarkable photos were taken whilst Simran and her family were on their way to a break in Sacramento, the capital of California where they live.

“My dad told me to stand by the apples because he said he discovered a new way to take pano pics vertically,” Simran told the Press Association. “I agreed to it and this was the result.

“When he saw it he said ‘they look great’ and then I saw them and completely lost it.

“I mean, are you kidding me? I look like an alien.”

Aside from extraterrestrial comparisons, many on Twitter thought the images were cartoon-like in appearance.

So, what lesson has Simran taken from this experience?

“You’re still cute with that deformed head and long bent legs,” said Simran.