Piano playing cat helps students feel more at ease learning music

Jasper the cat jumps onto the keys, joining in with his own attempts.

A piano playing cat has been helping students feel more at ease with learning music.

Jasper, who lives outside Glasgow with his owner Laura Elliott, has been helping piano students relax as they get to grips with the musical instrument.

The two-year-old cat waits for students to begin playing, before jumping on the keys and joining in with his own version.

Laura, 29, told PA: “I used to feed him when he did this, so now he thinks if he acts up he’ll get fed.

“He just doesn’t care. He’ll lie across the keys when we are playing.

“He goes outside and he could be miles away but he will hear the piano start playing and he knows that that’s his cue.”

On one occasion, Laura tried placing Jasper outside after he became too disruptive. However, he refused to take no for an answer, and miaowed loudly until a passerby buzzed him back into Laura’s building.

Laura, who runs Laura Elliott Piano School, said: “Students think it’s great. He makes people feel more at ease and relaxed when they are learning.”