Korean lady took on the challenge of star IU’s one-week weight loss program

Losing weight is a goal for many women, especially for celebrities, as they are always under the spotlight. Everyone has their own creative method to achieve weight loss. For example, sweet Korean celebrity IU has an intensive one-week weight loss program, in which she lost 5kg in a week.

She started this program in order to be fit for filming. For that week, in addition to exercises, every morning she just ate an apple, had sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein drink only for dinner. The daily calories intake was around 300.


Amazed by IU’s weight loss program and her result, Korean Youtuber Soo decided to take on the challenge. She faced difficulties in coping with hunger and managing her diet. As such, she went to sleep whenever she felt hungry.


After one week, Soo (height: 172cm, initial weight: 59.3kg) has successfully lost 3kg. Her slightly loose abdomen is now firm. The effect of the weight loss program is significant, however, she won’t recommend this to others, as during the process, she felt unhealthy, unhappy and weak.  

For her diet, nutritionist has pointed out that even though apple and sweet potato are rich in fibers, minerals, starch and protein, the overall calories intake is still too low for daily need, as they are lacking in sugar and fat. If people continue this diet for months, they may be deficient in vitamins and minerals. To slim down in a healthy way, the suggested diet is to have milk or soya bean milk with apple for breakfast; chicken breast and vegetables with sweet potatoes for lunch; and a small amount of starchy food and veggie for dinner.