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Husband caught cheating with maid after getting stuck inside her and finding help 

A husband was caught red-handed cheating on his wife with a housemaid after he got stuck inside the maid while they were having sex in a hotel room in Kenya. 

The pair booked a room at the hotel in Kitale, town Trans-Nzoia County for sex, but not later, screaming was heard inside and an alarm rang.

Police arrived and found the couple got stuck together and doctors were called in to free them.

A large crowd can be seen gathering outside the hotel when the news had spread out. Police reportedly fired shots in the air to disperse the onlookers. 

The two were arrested and sent to a nearby police station later. 

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According to local reports, the man was in Kitale for business while his wife was at the home in Lodwar town. The wife later said her husband had been having an affair with the woman in their Lodwar.

 The wife had has fired a witch doctor to help catch her husband out. A shaman was said trying to separate the couple.

Online photo

Online photo

It is not clear why the couple became stuck together, but Dr John Dean, a UK-based sexual physician, suggested, "The muscles of the woman's pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged."

The man can withdraw when the vaginal muscles relax.