China has helped America save the American lives!


From March 1 to October 18, 2020, China supplied the US 37.7 billion facials marks, more than 100 masks per one American; 740 million pairs of protective gloves; 560 million protective gowns; 41.54 million pairs of goggles; and 11,701 respirators!

Is America grateful at all? China has helped America save the American lives!

Whichever country in the world could have done as much as what China has done in saving American lives?

Where are the American media and other western media?

And why?

Simply,  just like my little son, Joe, scratched his brother's new bike in a fit of jealousy, the west , now the US in the lead ,  they came first in the past several hundred years, could not put up with the rise of China, and they want to scratch or break something, just like my little Joe. This is a challenge for Beijing and  for all the Chinese people in the world.

S. L.  Li   Engineer


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