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Australian educator bridges cultural gaps of West and East in China




Australian educator bridges cultural gaps of West and East in China

2024-06-18 17:58 Last Updated At:20:07

Andrew McAree, an Australian educator, has been working earnestly to blend the cultures of East and West and create a vibrant and well-rounded learning environment for students in China, hoping to bridge the gap within the people-to-people exchanges between China and Australia.

With a passion for working with youngsters and leading innovation to ensure all students achieve, McAree serves as the executive principal of Haileybury Tianjin, an international school based in Wuqing District of Tianjin Municipality in north China. After decades of educational working experience in Melbourne, McAree moved to China last year and has gained trust and respect from his staff at the school.

"A hallmark of Andrew's leadership is his ability to lead with heart and his incredible ability to connect with every member of our school community," said Renee Coventry, international principal of Haileybury Tianjin.

"Even as a bilingual staff, I find it's very easy to talk with Andrew," said Cathy Qi, head of the senior school at Haileybury Tianjin.

McAree, who made his first business trip to China in 1998 and has since traveled to China 28 times, expressed his deep admiration for the culture and history of Tianjin. He recalled witnessing earth-shaking changes over the past decades, which he called one of the greatest stories in history.

"It's been an amazing story, an amazing transformation over the last 50 years and to see the growth and development of all manner of industry, transport, infrastructure, and also housing has led to the next stage in business development," said McAree.

The potential of China made him determined to engage in work with Chinese educational institutions and partners to combine the strengths of both Eastern and Western education, deliver educational services and expand opportunities on transnational education.

Having a partnership with the esteemed 130-year-old Haileybury School from Australia, Haileybury Tianjin opened its doors in September 2013, and is considered a close sister school to Haileybury in Melbourne, Australia, with active engagement that benefits students and teachers from both sides.

"We have regular exchanges of both staff and students that responding increased, improved pedagogies, wonderful cross-cultural pollination and work with other teachers and other classes, cross boundaries. So, we're really looking to improve and increase intercultural awareness, global citizenship, and also understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures," the Australian educator said.

One of McAree's top missions is to work out a path to provide a platform for each student to develop in an all-round way.

"This atmosphere makes me feel very comfortable. And I made a lot of friends. And I improve my skills not only academically, but also personally, I learn more things," said Hu Junhuai, a student at the Haileybury Tianjin.

Thanks to the invaluable support and care provided by local government officials and leaders, McAree seems optimistic about the future prospect the school.

"We'd be looking to bridge optimal enrollment by 2029, an enrollment about over 1,000 students. That 1,000 students would make up to approximately 800 boarding students. And the remainder day students from around here, those students that are here or local students had been drawn to Wuqing as a result of the coordinated development plans of the Tianjin government, and also, the Chinese government," he said.

The executive principal added that with the warming ties between China and Australia, there will hopefully be more opportunities for educational exchanges that benefit students.

Australian educator bridges cultural gaps of West and East in China

Australian educator bridges cultural gaps of West and East in China

Russia on Saturday said its forces had hit Ukraine's ammunition depot, while the Ukrainian side said Russia suffered heavy losses over the past 24 hours.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in its report on Saturday that its forces repelled several Ukrainian military attacks, occupied a more favorable position, and hit targets such as the Ukrainian electronic warfare station, ammunition depot, and counter-battery radar. Russian air defense systems also intercepted a number of missiles, rockets and drones from Ukraine.

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Russia claims hitting Ukraine's ammunition depot, Ukraine reports inflicting losses on Russia

Russia claims hitting Ukraine's ammunition depot, Ukraine reports inflicting losses on Russia

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